“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”Bill Gates

To the now appointed leaders of the Jamaica people, PFS wishes you all the prudence, fortitude and goodwill that is needed to chart the country on the path that was promised.

Be always reminded that you have been chosen through the careful consideration and deliberation of the citizens that expressed their preference. Citizens who have known what needs they have, issues they need addressed and of course changes and improvements that have been ‘long time coming’.

For those that exercised their right, with every intention of holding the new leadership accountable, you too are encouraged to play your respective roles in ensuring you are an integral part and not just a spectator of the transformation that we all hope for. We all have a part to play.

May our leaders empower as many persons as they possibly can, as this will contribute to the transformation of our country. If we are to become the change we seek, it will take more than a mere election won, having appointing a new government, to make it happen. It will not happen over night, nor will it happen if national inclusion in pertinent matters is not practiced.

Encourage someone today. Make them see, that not only should they believe in themselves, but that you also believe and will believe in them. To the government, the sooner the people feel more incorporated into your plans and strategies, the sooner the country will transform into it’s best existence. There is the need for unity, above all, and now is not the time for the creative/innovative vices that we have used overtime to cause disunity.

a leader is a dealer
Be a beacon that draws citizens onto a hope renewed in all our hearts.



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