And the results are……

  1. Pure-Winners !!! #BigUP to all those who participated in the Sagicor Sigma run for charity. If it is your first time, you have done a good thing, both to charity and to your body. For the committed #runners#walkers that show up year after year and ensure they get there… continue doing what’s doing.It warms the heart, that it is still intrinsic in so many of us, to do good, give back and lend a helping hand. Whether it be big things or small things, continue making your contribution.
  2. Not yet in for #General Elections. lol. What say you though? Will you be voting? As PFS writes, election day workers and security forces personnel across the island have done/ are doing their civic duty of voting, ahead of the General Elections on Thursday. PFS hopes for a safe and seamless general election.

PFS encourages our purely democratic process that will determine our next government, come February 25, 2016. Shout out to those that have already voted and those who will be doing so, when the time comes to make your voice and opinion heard. You have the power within your hands, to create and be a part of the future, you wish for yourself and yours.

jamaica elections
#gleaner-Jamaica #loop-jamaica



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