PFS’ Thursday Motivation

Still in Black History Month, with days yet to go. Desnoes and Geddes is bringing Beer production to home soil.

This month focuses on heart health. Sagicor Sigma Run for charity is coming Sunday and come February 25, 2016, an announcement regarding the country’s governance for the next 4 years will be announced.

#Deep breath. Yes. A lot is happening on our island now. It is a flurry of activity. However, remember the Goal is Focus. Whatever your involvements in any and all your activities, a level head with focus yields fulsome results.

PFS says go about your businesses,and we just leave a quote with you that we hope stays with you until we meet again in this fashion.

Maya Angelou be not defeated
Focus helps you conquer and channel your lessons learnt into opportunities. #no-defeat.

Take it from an expert and watch how it works. And if you need extra motivation:

Malcolm X says defeat is for your imrpovement
Maintain your focus, channel your efforts wisely and defeat becomes a stepping stone to greatness.

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