Happy Reggae Month!!!!

Time to pull out the ska boots and records and take a trip down memory lane!!!!

When you’re done, you come back to 2016 feeling just as in love with reggae now as you were then. #For-all-Reggae-Lovers.

Here are some of the great icons of Authentic Reggae music that overtime placed Jamaica on the pinnacle of music ranks. February is the month when all the greats of this revolutionary music form are celebrated. Homage is paid to the founders and speaking of founders, it is presumed not a coincidence that this month is chosen as Reggae month when too this month is the birthday of Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley.

For our fun fact about Reggae music today is: “Roots reggae is a spiritual sub-genre of reggae, with lyrics often talking about ‘god’. Bob Marley’s music was mostly roots”.

PFS says “Happy Reggae Month” to all of Jamaica!!! Another notch in our belt that as an island we can be proud of.

PFS will be #jammin’ for the rest of the month. What about you???

Reggae Poster - Reggae Month
How many can you name?



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