Should we only reflect throughout Black History Month?

It is 9 days into the month of February that has been reserved for Black History Month.

PFS has so far implored all, near and far, to reflect on not only what the month means to them specifically but also, to reflect on what lessons we have learnt from our ancestors history, lessons that came sometimes with precious prices, of their life.

We add to that imploration, to focus on the values and virtues of our forefathers. These are longstanding and not restricted, by our ancestors lifespans, the way that mere actions are. Virtues are virtues and essentially remain untainted regardless of the difference in era. When we focus on and hone these virtues, it no longer is a mere month of recognition but becomes a dedication of one’s lifetime, to be what they wish to see most in this world.

Yes, the lives of our ancestors were precious. Let their lessons be our guide, as far as they can be.

If the virtues of our forefathers were faithfulness, justice and love of all humanity; these are what we should focus on and not necessarily acts of rebellion, marches or public outcries. Whilst powerful actions, these would have just been avenues to express their virtuous desires. Start with the virtues and the solutions will be easier to maneuver.

We leave you with words of wise counsel from President Barack Obama:

We are the change we seek
When we focus on finding and unearthing those virtues from our core, we transform. We become the solution we have always been looking elsewhere for. This is where we need to get. 



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