February is Black History Month……….

We are now in Black History Month and after so many years, it remains a huge task as a people to see the real intended objective by trying to transform our minds through consistent revisiting of the days of our forefathers.

One may ask what is the purpose of reliving the days of enslavement of those before us?

When all the while, if we are not careful, we may fall victims to creating a future that one day will become another heinous past in the history of Jamaica?

When do we realize that we, every last one of us, whatever we are now and reflect now is exactly how our beautiful island’s future will look?

There is no magical gap between our generation and the fantastical future from which we have seemed to separate ourselves. It is all us.

We are encouraged to let not self and pride cause us to miss out on lessons to be learnt from examples our ancestors paid for with their lives.

It is not a sad look on Black History Month, but a sadness that as an island, our people are  not relating to, therefore not appreciating, what our ancestors believed in, fought for, lobbied for and made sacrifices for. There should be something that we learn from our ancestors to positively transform our lives to make way for that future we keep looking up to the skies for. Even if the lesson is to not make the same mistakes our ancestors made.

We must do more than just watch the movies shown every year during the month, the celebrations or other observations and then forget about it tomorrow.

Dearest Jamaica, lessons from our ancestors are priceless, as whom can affix a dollar value to a life? Who should?

No one. Yes we are all unique and it is the power and omniscience of God that should discern our specialties, not ours. Our task is to love everyone we see and cannot see, wish them well, pray for them.

Let us not repeat a history like the one we are now watching. Remember, we cannot get different results by doing the same thing over and over. Our ancestors are proof and so are we. It matters not what the lessons of life be that we are trying to get right.

We are urged to be the future we want for ourselves which will one day in this cycle called LIFE, become history.


Happy Black History Month Jamaica
Happy Black History Month Jamaica

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