“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”Bill Gates

To the now appointed leaders of the Jamaica people, PFS wishes you all the prudence, fortitude and goodwill that is needed to chart the country on the path that was promised.

Be always reminded that you have been chosen through the careful consideration and deliberation of the citizens that expressed their preference. Citizens who have known what needs they have, issues they need addressed and of course changes and improvements that have been ‘long time coming’.

For those that exercised their right, with every intention of holding the new leadership accountable, you too are encouraged to play your respective roles in ensuring you are an integral part and not just a spectator of the transformation that we all hope for. We all have a part to play.

May our leaders empower as many persons as they possibly can, as this will contribute to the transformation of our country. If we are to become the change we seek, it will take more than a mere election won, having appointing a new government, to make it happen. It will not happen over night, nor will it happen if national inclusion in pertinent matters is not practiced.

Encourage someone today. Make them see, that not only should they believe in themselves, but that you also believe and will believe in them. To the government, the sooner the people feel more incorporated into your plans and strategies, the sooner the country will transform into it’s best existence. There is the need for unity, above all, and now is not the time for the creative/innovative vices that we have used overtime to cause disunity.

a leader is a dealer
Be a beacon that draws citizens onto a hope renewed in all our hearts.



And the results are……

  1. Pure-Winners !!! #BigUP to all those who participated in the Sagicor Sigma run for charity. If it is your first time, you have done a good thing, both to charity and to your body. For the committed #runners#walkers that show up year after year and ensure they get there… continue doing what’s doing.It warms the heart, that it is still intrinsic in so many of us, to do good, give back and lend a helping hand. Whether it be big things or small things, continue making your contribution.
  2. Not yet in for #General Elections. lol. What say you though? Will you be voting? As PFS writes, election day workers and security forces personnel across the island have done/ are doing their civic duty of voting, ahead of the General Elections on Thursday. PFS hopes for a safe and seamless general election.

PFS encourages our purely democratic process that will determine our next government, come February 25, 2016. Shout out to those that have already voted and those who will be doing so, when the time comes to make your voice and opinion heard. You have the power within your hands, to create and be a part of the future, you wish for yourself and yours.

jamaica elections
#gleaner-Jamaica #loop-jamaica


Happy Friday Campers!!!!

It is another Friday that gives way to an eventful weekend for some, then an even more eventful week following, for others. #Sigma-run-Sunday-feb22 #general-elections-feb25

We are thanking God for a safe week. For predominantly safe General Elections proceedings so far. For those who have been affected adversely, our prayers go out to you as well. We are one country and no divide should be so great to turn us against each other, to make us want to inflict hurt upon each other. #Respect should be the order of our day. 

It is indeed a good day to give thanks. PFS encourages all in our circles, to ponder upon the things that we can be thankful for and just say a heartfelt thanks!!!

Gratitude paves the way for spectacular things!!!
Gratitude paves the way for spectacular things!!!








And simply because it is Friday, we say a happy one and have a lovely weekend:

Come back next week and tell us how your weekend went.


PFS’ Thursday Motivation

Still in Black History Month, with days yet to go. Desnoes and Geddes is bringing Beer production to home soil.

This month focuses on heart health. Sagicor Sigma Run for charity is coming Sunday and come February 25, 2016, an announcement regarding the country’s governance for the next 4 years will be announced.

#Deep breath. Yes. A lot is happening on our island now. It is a flurry of activity. However, remember the Goal is Focus. Whatever your involvements in any and all your activities, a level head with focus yields fulsome results.

PFS says go about your businesses,and we just leave a quote with you that we hope stays with you until we meet again in this fashion.

Maya Angelou be not defeated
Focus helps you conquer and channel your lessons learnt into opportunities. #no-defeat.

Take it from an expert and watch how it works. And if you need extra motivation:

Malcolm X says defeat is for your imrpovement
Maintain your focus, channel your efforts wisely and defeat becomes a stepping stone to greatness.

Celebrating a rich heritage….

Not only does Black History month reflect upon our great ancestors and their stories, their movements and their cause, but the trend as taken a compliment to feature influential and prominent African descents around the world today.

The lives of these individuals are recognized in the now, accolades are given in the now, instead of the posthumous assignment that we are used to. We don’t necessarily wait anymore, until an individual has passed to extend to them their due in recognition for their contributions. Which is great.

However, the truly great and self actualized will tell you that they are “so busy doing what they love that they have given little or no thought to recognition coming their way.” (Define humble and selfless please?)

In all this fun and parade, Jamaica has their own reservoir of icon greats. People whose lives and stories make one look and say, “this person makes me feel like I too can be great.” And that is the benefit of living in a country with great people. Every individual having that potential in them to be great, in their own unique way.


Being great is when you inspire those around you to be great.
Being great is when you inspire those around you to be great.

Happy Reggae Month!!!!

Time to pull out the ska boots and records and take a trip down memory lane!!!!

When you’re done, you come back to 2016 feeling just as in love with reggae now as you were then. #For-all-Reggae-Lovers.

Here are some of the great icons of Authentic Reggae music that overtime placed Jamaica on the pinnacle of music ranks. February is the month when all the greats of this revolutionary music form are celebrated. Homage is paid to the founders and speaking of founders, it is presumed not a coincidence that this month is chosen as Reggae month when too this month is the birthday of Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley.

For our fun fact about Reggae music today is: “Roots reggae is a spiritual sub-genre of reggae, with lyrics often talking about ‘god’. Bob Marley’s music was mostly roots”.

PFS says “Happy Reggae Month” to all of Jamaica!!! Another notch in our belt that as an island we can be proud of.

PFS will be #jammin’ for the rest of the month. What about you???

Reggae Poster - Reggae Month
How many can you name?


Should we only reflect throughout Black History Month?

It is 9 days into the month of February that has been reserved for Black History Month.

PFS has so far implored all, near and far, to reflect on not only what the month means to them specifically but also, to reflect on what lessons we have learnt from our ancestors history, lessons that came sometimes with precious prices, of their life.

We add to that imploration, to focus on the values and virtues of our forefathers. These are longstanding and not restricted, by our ancestors lifespans, the way that mere actions are. Virtues are virtues and essentially remain untainted regardless of the difference in era. When we focus on and hone these virtues, it no longer is a mere month of recognition but becomes a dedication of one’s lifetime, to be what they wish to see most in this world.

Yes, the lives of our ancestors were precious. Let their lessons be our guide, as far as they can be.

If the virtues of our forefathers were faithfulness, justice and love of all humanity; these are what we should focus on and not necessarily acts of rebellion, marches or public outcries. Whilst powerful actions, these would have just been avenues to express their virtuous desires. Start with the virtues and the solutions will be easier to maneuver.

We leave you with words of wise counsel from President Barack Obama:

We are the change we seek
When we focus on finding and unearthing those virtues from our core, we transform. We become the solution we have always been looking elsewhere for. This is where we need to get.