Finally!!! You can now beat the Monday Morning Blues…..

Taking it one step at a time, using some simple tips PFS has dug up, can have you making progress. Progress out of Monday morning blues.

“The ‘Monday Blues’ describe a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the workweek…..”

( Alexander Kjerulf, International Author/ Speaker)

According to career-coach, Rita Friedman, “If you love your job and are passionate about what you’re doing, going in to work Monday morning is another opportunity to do what you love……”

Have you been experiencing these feelings towards work, especially on a Monday morning? If so, ultimately, this may have been a factor affecting your productivity, motivation, creativity, adaptivity, among many other things.

You are not alone, PFS is with you in spirit and together we can devise ways that will renew that first love you had for your job, when you just got hired, that seemingly endless amount of energy, enthusiasm and determination to be productive everyday.

You can reach that place again. It is not outside your limits.

“You are encouraged this week to find out what makes you feel down and not want to face your Mondays. How you approach Mondays can affect the pace of your entire work week. Hence, you are encouraged to pin-point specifically what makes you feel defeated on Mondays before you even report to work.”

Together, we can beat the Monday morning blues. Remember, for 2016, we are laying the ground work for breeding healthy, beneficial habits, that prolong life and that will ensure that we give as much is possible in us to achieve our life goals.

PFS is right there with you.
PFS is right there with you.




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