PFS’ Monday Productivity Tip

Happy Monday Family!!!

PFS hopes that you had a well spent weekend, and we will continue to encourage and suggest ways that should ensure that you get more out of your weekends and you don’t just wile away the two days.

Also, we have realized that the perception of Mondays, too has taken on a note so up-beat tone and we would like to do a paradigm shift for simply the reason that it is the start of the work week and you would do best by setting the right tone, as this affects your overall productivity.

Let us work to look forward to Monday just as how we look forward to Friday. PFS is encouraging you to heed productivity tips that have been adapted for your benefit.

So instead of:

Instead of: "Thank God it's Monday......" Said no one ever....
Instead of: “Thank God it’s Monday……”
Said no one ever….

You are encourage to see each day as a new day (which it really isand one filled with new possibilities and opportunities.



Now for our tip (adapted from

“The brain is good for 60-90 minutes at a time, then it starts to flag.”

Take advantage from this fact and take a break from your task. This gives the brain a chance to feel refreshed so that that when you return to your task, your brain feels renewed.

Brain breaks are good for the brain.
Brain breaks are good for the brain.

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