Such a long weekend it was……

Raise of hands those who are glad to be at work today…… #fewraiseshands

After an extended weekend owed to Christmas day being on the last work day of the week, it must have been great to have been around family and friends.

Oh, how warm and wonderful it was, to have been able to just bask in the company of your loved ones and feeling totally unhurried to be anywhere but where you were. To know that, even after 2 days of lounging, you still have more days at your disposal to do just that, lounge and frolic and not having to think about work, work, work. Some were even as fortunate as to not having to go back to work until the New Years. To those this applies to, you are greatly envied.

Did you mix up the days though, because they felt different and your body is used to be up and back to work after a break of two days? Did Christmas day feel like Sunday, as this is sometimes when the most cooking is done? Did Saturday feel like Monday and you kept wondering, “why am I not at work???”

PFS sincerely hopes you kept us in mind in the midst of all the festivities. There is nothing more grounding and reassuring that being around the ones you love and the ones that love you back. PFS hopes we were amongst the numbers you considered friends, family and financial partners.

PFS hopes you feel fresh, de-stressed, renewed, rejuvenated and ready to set forth purposefully in all your endeavors. In case, you were wondering were all that is coming from; it represents PFS’ wishes to all our customers, family and friends for the New Year.

From the PFS family to you and yours.


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