Are you Anti-Corrupt???

For one to proclaim they are anti-corrupt, one must first have a grasp of what Corruption is.

“Corruption is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire personal benefit.” (

As Jamaicans, on the surface, we are often and sadly disillusioned in thinking that our country is void of this infection of corruption. An infection that has for the better part, despite best efforts in our capabilities, defied and disempowered  all mechanisms put in place to curtail it.

This indicates that the country’s structure needs to be redefined. As a people, we should see ourselves as the primary stakeholders and greatest investors of our country.

As an island, until we have consciously realized and accepted that we all have an important role to play in our future, outside of regional and international alliances, will we place greater emphasis on building a future that our children and families can thrive and prosper in. It is all in the power of choice, and as the island’s people, we therefore have much power amongst ourselves to become what we want our island to be.

Regrettably, our island now reflects only what we have given to it as a people. A people, each and every one of us, after we have stripped off our titles and posts, what we are is what we have given our country and the society we now live in, is the result and harsh reality.

Corruption is rooted in rooted in self, calculated selfishness, irrepressible pride and an unreasonable sense of entitlement. There is no love in corruption. There is no care or charity in corruption. On many different levels this infection defies and tarnishes the true art of love, charity and unity that we toot aloud.  Remember the ripple effect…………

There is, however, power in transformation. It  is not limited to some, and each islander has within their grasp, a powerful tool to change or enhance the future they want for their children and families.

Would you die in peace, knowing that your children is left to survive a corrupt, cold, harsh and un-helping world?

Do we really think, individually, that we can exist on our own for the rest of our lives?

With all said, PFS recognizes today, December 9 as International Anti-Corruption Day today and we are in full support of the theme: Break the corruption chain.

We would have had to go back to beginning to eradicate corruption (someone show us that time machine!!) and since this is impossible, let us seize every opportunity hereinafter, to loosen the hold that corruption has on our society.

Our island authorities continue to discourage corruption in any form and encourage a call to cease the spreading of this act.

We at PFS love this country and would love to see everyone in a better future for our children and families. Let us all do our part in contributing as much as we can to this global Anti-Corruption campaign. Be an ambassador in your social circles and marvel at the positive ripples effects. Yes, it works both ways.

PFS joins hand and heart with all that are recognizing this day. Wherever you are, if you say Anti-Corrupt, PFS supports your resolution.

Say no to Corruption!!
Say no to Corruption!!

“From PFS: Your partner in Finance.”



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