International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Today is the internationally recognized day for Persons with Disabilities. It is geared towards ensuring that persons with disabilities are given equal opportunities in all educational, social, career pursuits, once they have the capabilities.

In our homeland, we see everyday, children and adults living with disabilities and we are sometimes saddened by their apparent exclusion from main stream society. Life for a child/ adult living with disabilities is very different. It is more complex, as there are added “to-do’s” in their everyday life and routines. Their education, growth and development is limited to their capabilities, which however, are their greatest strengths.

We hear first-hand, from a parent who has a child with disability. He explains his financial struggles and yet one can imagine his determination to stay with his son. He asks for help, however, the concept of separating from his son is a foreign one.As a nation, we ought to be commended for the ground breaking efforts we have made as a nation to provide support and inclusion for persons with disabilities into our society. Administrators, parents and other beneficiaries will say we have a long way to go……

However, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu

Our nation continues to do well. PFS lauds every participant, stakeholder and beneficiary of all local initiatives and partnerships, for playing their part and offering unselfish services, and to these children and adults with disabilities, they are encourage to not give up.

Even the youth population, has also, stepped up to the fore to offer their support with their voices filled with passion for seeing results to their awareness campaign for Persons with Disabilities. We should laud and encourage this inclusion and activity of our youth in every matter that pertains to national growth, they are the future, as we say.

PFS encourages you to go forth and see persons with disabilities, not through the lens of their disabilities, but through the light of their capabilities, because they do have capabilities, astounding talents and awe-inspiring ambitions, passions and goals.

PFS corroborates and endorses fully the United Nations’ theme for 2015: “Inclusion matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities.”        (

They are a part of our world, they have great contribution to our world and they are stakeholders for our future.

Persons with disabilities are also the world's stakeholders.
Persons with disabilities are also the world’s stakeholders.

From PFS: “Your partner in Finance.”




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