More in the month of November

Proactive Financial Services Limited (PFS) continues to look at hallmark days of recognition in the eleventh month.  Internationally, on this the 25th day of November, every year, an advocate, the United Nations call for Elimination of Violence against Women.

The United Nations recognizes the day, to share heinous facts pertaining to violence against women and also share information on what constitutes this violence and how it impedes the world, starting from the grass root level.

Recognition of this day, locally has also has it’s impact. Here some of the country’s leading women present a strong representation and advocacy to increase awareness of the day and propel changes which will reduce violence against women.


The United Nations is of the opinion that violence is as a result of first, discrimination. It is a global pandemic that all advocates have been trying to address.

Jamaica, what can we do as a country to avert the infection of discrimination against women?

What have we been doing?

What can we do today?

Remember the ripple effect: “the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.” can work in our favour as a country and against us as a country. Whatever we do and embrace, has a ripple effect. We have the power to make all necessary changes required to put Jamaica in the right spot that it needs to be: “to live, raise families, do business and invest…”

“There is nothing "honorable" or "reasonable" in giving a pass to those who want to discriminate.”  ― DaShanne Stokes
“There is nothing “honorable” or “reasonable” in giving a pass to those who want to discriminate.”
― DaShanne Stokes









From PFS: “Your partner in Finance.”


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