PFS celebrates National Science and Technology Month!!!

How far do you think Jamaica has advanced Scientifically and Technologically?

In Jamaica, November is National Science and Technology Month.

This has been approved and sealed by the Governor General of Jamaica on October 27, 2015.

And many exciting advances have been made for the year. We are proud of our Jamaicans and we salute everyone for being a part of the evolution. Let us not rest though, we have further to go!!!

What do you know so far about Jamaica’s advancement in Science and Technology and from how far back?

Do you know of any life changing or globally recognized discoveries that have been made?

Bet you didn’t know that a Jamaican born did this…..

PFS will continue to celebrate the month of November as National Science and Technology month. Stay tuned to your radio stations and television station, for a lot more of, did you know?

Humor for Technology
Humor for Technology


Science humor
Science humor








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