Monday Motivation

Hello PFS Family!!!

Welcome to another week!!!

It is a beautiful Monday and it is not too late in the day to achieve all that you had set out for the week. Monday Blues has as much power as you let it have.

Start your week right and enjoy every moment!!!

Aim for satisfaction in the successful completion of all your tasks and you are investing into long-lasting motivation.

Make every task, every work done count. You feel more satisfied this way. The more SATISFIED you feel, the more MOTIVATED you are to continue and achieve more!!!
Make every task, every work done count.
You feel more satisfied this way.
The more SATISFIED you feel, the more MOTIVATED you are to continue and achieve more!!!

From PFS: “Your partner in Finance.”


Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Cats Friday dance







Are you happy about the upcoming weekend???

Share some of your plans with us.

Remember to rest well, eat well, spend quality time with family and even in doing doing the unavoidable chores, say a word or two of thanks to the Almighty Father for his keeping, caring and tender mercies!!!

See on the other side!!!

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More in the month of November

Proactive Financial Services Limited (PFS) continues to look at hallmark days of recognition in the eleventh month.  Internationally, on this the 25th day of November, every year, an advocate, the United Nations call for Elimination of Violence against Women.

The United Nations recognizes the day, to share heinous facts pertaining to violence against women and also share information on what constitutes this violence and how it impedes the world, starting from the grass root level.

Recognition of this day, locally has also has it’s impact. Here some of the country’s leading women present a strong representation and advocacy to increase awareness of the day and propel changes which will reduce violence against women.


The United Nations is of the opinion that violence is as a result of first, discrimination. It is a global pandemic that all advocates have been trying to address.

Jamaica, what can we do as a country to avert the infection of discrimination against women?

What have we been doing?

What can we do today?

Remember the ripple effect: “the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.” can work in our favour as a country and against us as a country. Whatever we do and embrace, has a ripple effect. We have the power to make all necessary changes required to put Jamaica in the right spot that it needs to be: “to live, raise families, do business and invest…”

“There is nothing "honorable" or "reasonable" in giving a pass to those who want to discriminate.”  ― DaShanne Stokes
“There is nothing “honorable” or “reasonable” in giving a pass to those who want to discriminate.”
― DaShanne Stokes









From PFS: “Your partner in Finance.”

More in the month of November…

November is observed as National Parent Month.

PFS applauds all efforts of the Ministry of Education, all institutions (both public and private) and other stakeholders that are firm believers in transforming our nation’s parents. This they are convicted would transform our nation’s future, which is our children.

Throughout the month, numerous workshops, seminars, one-on-one consultations will be available to parents all over the island. The recurring theme is that through various creative methods, parents can realize that they are not are not alone. The nation’s future rests in each parent’s hand as it is through them that the children will become the role models, not only because that is what the nation needs but also because they are happy, well rounded and contented individuals.

Parents, you have always had the support of the National Parenting Support Commission amongst other stake holders. Take the invitation, tap into the resources and transform your family or another family through sharing your expertise.

PFS wants all our customers to benefit from the resources that will be available at the various events and we encourage to make every effort to attend as many of these as you possibly can. It is another way to get each and every parent involved in this business of transforming our nation whilst, investing in the future, a better and more progressive future.

PFS would like to leave this quote with you: “Encourage & support your kids because “Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.” – Lady Bird Johnson


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It’s Friday!!!

Happy Friday one and all!!!!
Happy Friday one and all!!!!

Welcome to the beginning of another weekend.

PFS hopes you have a fun filled, blessed and relaxing one.

Go forth and let nothing spoil your weekend.

See you on the other side!!!!


From PFS: Your partner in Finance.”

PFS celebrates National Science and Technology Month!!!

How far do you think Jamaica has advanced Scientifically and Technologically?

In Jamaica, November is National Science and Technology Month.

This has been approved and sealed by the Governor General of Jamaica on October 27, 2015.

And many exciting advances have been made for the year. We are proud of our Jamaicans and we salute everyone for being a part of the evolution. Let us not rest though, we have further to go!!!

What do you know so far about Jamaica’s advancement in Science and Technology and from how far back?

Do you know of any life changing or globally recognized discoveries that have been made?

Bet you didn’t know that a Jamaican born did this…..

PFS will continue to celebrate the month of November as National Science and Technology month. Stay tuned to your radio stations and television station, for a lot more of, did you know?

Humor for Technology
Humor for Technology


Science humor
Science humor








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National Caregivers Month

From all over the world, the months of the year have different and yet significant meanings.

In the U.S. November is National Family Caregivers Month.

Simply put this month recognizes family members that are primary caregivers for loved ones with chronic conditions, children with special needs and/or have actively been providing quality care for their loved ones since the onset of old age and the frailties that accompany this stage of their life.

Over the years, since recognizing the care givers, various resources have been made available to these individual caregivers whom have thought they were alone and without the recognition of their selflessness and support, in various forms, and making resources available and within their reach, so they can feel motivated to continue.

FACT: People all over the world have been dedicating their entire life and pursuit to the care of loved ones that require the special attention. Many go unrecognized, and National Caregivers month is to acknowledge these individuals and try and ease the burdens that can be eased.

Brave and selfless acts taking place all over the world.

Make a pledge in our hearts that only we can enact.
Make a pledge in our hearts that only we can enact.

PFS salutes all the brave, selfless and kindhearted. We admire your aspirations to higher rewards than the temporal, and as we encourage your history, we implore ourselves and others to follow suit, with all the love, compassion, patience and care that you have have shown and we pray that your supply never be diminished but generously replenished.

“From PFS: Your partner in Finance.”