We will miss you PINK!!!

faith hope and loveSoon we will have to say goodbye to Breast Cancer Awareness Month for this year.

PFS was glad to recognize it with you.

Looking back, have you learnt anything  this month and have decided to do differently?

It could be either to further educate yourself, show more compassion and support  for cancer survivors and get tested.  Come next October, we should have evolved: become more informative about Breast Cancer so we can better protect ourselves, become a support for someone we know that was diagnosed and last but not least, #KNOW OUR STATUS!!! Each one of us.

Let us keep the spirit alive and as you go forth to educate yourselves further, become more involved etc.; PFS hopes your journey will be a fulfilling one and we look forward to hearing your stories.

On our neck of the woods………

October 28, 2015 marked PFS’ second Health Day, where our customers get the opportunity to be checked by our affiliate Medical Doctor and get their prescriptions and referrals. The Health Day also presented us with an opportunity for the customers to tell us how they are doing, generally speaking.

Truly an enrichment it was for us here at PFS!!

We hope to see you at the next Health Day, PFS customers!!!

Health Day October 2015


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