PFS is Service Oriented!!!


When you come through the doors of PFS, you are greeted with a warm smile and a welcoming atmosphere, you feel at home already, you feel confident and assured in doing business.

You have needs to be met and “Your Partner in Finance” is prepared to meet your financial needs by charting logical, comfortable, and financially feasible loan arrangements.

How does PFS achieve that in a highly competitive Micro Finance Industry?

This feat is through customer retention – ensuring that customer satisfaction is obtained in the delivery of all our products and services.

Loan products are everywhere. However, which would you prefer:  (1) A monotonous loan officer or one who is genuinely interested in what works for you?  (2) A product just fed to you or a product that is crafted and customized to suit your urgent and unique needs?

Our Loan Officers and Collections Officers have tunnel vision towards the goal of ultimate customer satisfaction. PFS extends a welcoming hand to talented individuals who believe they have the skill set to add value to the PFS Team to come join us.

If we feel we are not doing a good job, we ask for your feedback and we implement your suggestions.

Thank you to the PFS Team for delivering exceptional customer service every time!!!

From PFS: “Your Partner in Finance.”


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