Happy Belated Heroes’ Day Jamaica!!!

To the PFS family:

PFS hopes that you all enjoyed your Heroes’ Day and the celebrations that may have taken place in each town or a town near you, for our Heroes.

We would also like to use this opportunity to give our congratulations to all  recognized  awardees of the National Honours and Awards Ceremony 2015; we laud all recipients as each individual’s contributions, talents  and sacrifices to our nation carries their own story, and affects different individuals’ lives.  It was truly a beautiful compliment for all these ordinary people doing extraordinary things to be in one place. Their recognition shows the island’s appreciationcongrats awardees.

We applaud you Awardees!!!!!

Each year this event reminds us that despite our many challenges, difficulties and conflicts as a nation, individuals have been responding to their inner calling to change lives and be an inspiration. PFS was truly inspired, and the event was not short of the perfecting attributes that went into planning and organizing this stellar event.

Jamaica is blessed with rich and diverse talents, and spirits of sticktoitivness, as was apparent, some awardees were given the awards after many years of service. Thus, was their lives. A life of change, a life of growth, development and advancement.

Our National Honours and Awards Ceremonies are a beacon of inspiration, something our youths of today can look forward to, have it shape their lives and and make an impact. PFS encourages us all to be inspired.

“Amongst the qualities of a hero….. determination, loyalty, courage, perseverance, patience, focus, intrepidity and selflessness.”                                                   (Ricky Martin)

From PFS: Your partner in Finance.


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