PFS still says Pink!!!


PFS believes that adequate information on Breast Cancer will put you in a better position to protect yourself.

But what if you are afraid to get tested because you do not think you can handle the anxiety of waiting for the results? Comfort yourself with this thought: “the earlier I know, the sooner I can do something about it.” Cancer does not have to be the end of your life.

But, what if after you found the courage to get tested, you then find out that you have Breast Cancer? What then?

An oversight of the Breast Cancer Awareness month is that it only caters to those who have not yet tested for cancer or do not have cancer etc. Remember, cancer research is continuous and on-going, and maybe one year good news may be had for those who have been diagnosed with, battling and fighting to overcome Breast Cancer and for their loved ones who usually feel helpless and powerless in these instances.

One story that will echo most cancer survivors is that they had to find hope in something, summon up will to live, that helps them to remain positive. This is after the initial shock, that may take some time to wear off, and the period of grief that comes from finding out you have a terminal illness.

You are encouraged to take it in strides. Even if you are not affected, you may know someone that is and may be in a position to offer some form of comfort. Do not assume that individuals with Breast Cancer (or any other form of cancer) have had enough love and support. Remember, one loved one cannot provide everything!!! It is why families are growing and communities have been formed.

Through it all, you must stay encouraged; whether you are going through or watching your loved one go through it.


From PFS: Your partner in Finance.Cancer may have started the fight


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