PFS cares that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month !!!

To all our customers and friends:

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and PFS would like to encourage you all to get tested and be informed. During this time, there is greater access to information. You are urged to get tested as early as possible, as statistics show that early detection of Breast Cancer can save lives.

faith hope and love

Too, in this month, support groups and support organizations unite to ensure that the issue of Breast Cancer is public knowledge, this way the public is informed and is also gives individuals the opportunity to offer their support. Families whom have lost loved ones to the illness have formed their own secondary families and provided support to each other and relationships have being lasting for years.

Though tragic in its occurence, Breast Cancer has united many strangers that have now been bonded by sharing the pain from losing a loved one to Breast Cancer.

Again, PFS encourages you all to get tested, be informed and be as involved as you can be in the awareness drive.

People that are diagnosed have all held on to and continue to hold on to Faith, Hope and Love even after diagnosis. You may need this for yourself or someone you know.

PFS goes pink for October.

Are you representing #pink?




From your Partner in Finance.

Breast Cancer Awareness, Screening & Treatment saves lives


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