PFS wants to help build Jamaica !!!!! “

PFS wants to help build Jamaica !!!!!

“The economic challenges manifested in the depreciation of the Jamaican dollar provided powerful impetus for import substitution and increased export.” (Hon. Derrick Kellier, CD, MP – Minister of Agriculture & Fisheries – submitted address as part of Sectoral Debate 2015-2016)

Jamaica: we have been given a task to import less and grow more. For our island and for export.

Jamaicans have always taken pride in our farming roots. We have always lived by the belief that “by the sweat of our brow, we shall eat bread.”

PFS encourages farming, we want to help farmers improve and revolutionize their produce. The more increase in the sector, the more export and less import and more security and sustenance for our island’s people.

Let’s all invest in our island, in any way that we can. This is PFS’ way.

Benefit from our agricultural loans today!!! Revolutionize your farm today with our financial assistance; as we work together to build our country, our home.

We are: “your partner in Finance.” A. Agricultural Loan Ad


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