PFS’ deepest sympathies goes out to the

PFS’ deepest sympathies goes out to the parents whose children have contracted this disease.
We are also concerned that compared to initial reports of case, the current report of cases has increased; making us even more worrisome.
We urge you parents, to take all preventative measures against the Hand, Foot and mouth disease, as much as possible. Be extra cautious around this time, when it is most prevalent. Sanitation is very important. Your little angels cannot be too clean.
We are appalled at any and all instances of delivering unclean water by any contractor. Even it is delivered, do not use it unless you purify it first, if it can be purified.
Parents, remember if your child is infected, it is advised that you keep them at home for at least seven days, before sending them back to school. And parents insist that the schools are disinfected before sending back your children once they have been closed down.
We have to fight this disease !!!!
We understand the complexity of these circumstances: water crisis and a disease that weakens our children.
All of St. Thomas and other infected areas are in our prayers.
From PFS: Your partner in Finance


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