PFS’ first TV advert for 2015!!! Tune i

PFS’ first TV advert for 2015!!!
Tune in to CVM television between 7:00 pm and 7:35 pm for PFS ad.
Tell your family and friends !!!
Stay tuned!!!
Leave your comments as to how the advertisement was.


Proactive Financial Services Limited cau

Proactive Financial Services Limited cautions our customers to be vigilant in the care of your children and ensure they are closely monitored at home and at play, during these autumn months, in light of the outbreak of the hand, foot and mouth disease.

Take the opportunity to show them basic ways that will reduce them being infected (eg. frequently washing hands and also to observe if they or any or their friends experience any symptoms of the infection).

Let us get in high gear to protect all our children.

From PFS: “Your partner in Finance.”

Proactive Financial Services Limited con

Proactive Financial Services Limited continues to endorse and host events geared at being more socially involved to create a wholesome positive impact and we have decided to start closest to home, with our customers.

PFS’ Health Day is one such initiative and all PFS customers are entitled benefit and are notified when this event is being held.
Opportunities to see the doctor and get check-ups are done, and even more, this is extended to customers’ immediate family.

The benefits of being a PFS customer are endless and nothing short of rewarding.
But don’t just take our word for it:

A picture is worth a thousand words………..
PFS definitely looks forward to doing it again!!!


This notice is for you !!!!

Benefit from our Public Sector Loan Package today.
Remember each product is created with your satisfaction and peace of mind as our ultimate goal.
Come benefit from attractive interest rates, a hassle free process and quick turn-around time.

This is how PFS salutes Jamaica’s public sector workers.
Speak to us today or visit our website to find out how you can apply at

From PFS: Your partner in Finance.

Whether you are an educator or simply a

Whether you are an educator or simply a parent actively involved in your child’s learning process, LUMOSITY is for you.

Fun filled, it teaches your children to identify things that are alike, memory and reasoning, all about training the brain.
Tap into the wealth of your child’s mind and unearth knowledge.
Can be played by adults too, or you can simply enjoy and learn whilst teaching your child.

You can play and overtime even fashion your own game from the foundation based on what you want your child to learn.

PFS encourages you to invest in your child today.
Give it a try!!!!

From PFS: Your partner in Finance.

Attention Teachers, Parents and PTA host

Attention Teachers, Parents and PTA hosts!!!
School has just re-opened and there is just so much to do. So much to plan and so many meetings to host and be a part of. How do you remember it all?

PFS is all about making your life as easy as possible and today we pay special homage to our islands educators; both formal and informal.

We introduce the “Remind” app, formerly, “Remind101″ from your android/i OS app stores.

This app allows you to set up your parent groups and once they join, they all receive the notifications sent out.
You can have more than one group, if you are very involved and it is simple, you just type in an announcement
and it goes to all your group members.

Check out this app and let us know how it works fro your class or your P.T.A!!!

From PFS: Your partner in Finance.”