Life is all about giving back. Putting a

Life is all about giving back.
Putting a smile on someone’s face.
Kindness ought not to be selective but extended to all.
PFS would love to spread the message of kindness and giving in any shape or form. And what better way to give a suggestion than by setting the example.
Meet this recipient of a back to school token from PFS and if the smile of her and her daughter is any indication, it is a token well received.
It brings joy to each heart at PFS to put a smile on someone’s face.
It is a pleasure to extend kindness.
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” (Aeslop)


Welcome to PFS Friday Financial: Before

Welcome to PFS Friday Financial:
Before we delve into our weekly segment, we would like to take the time out to congratulate and big up all Jamaican athletes that are representing our country at the World Athletics Championships: Beijing 2015.
We are extremely proud of all our athletes and their show of athletic prowess, time and time again.
Today PFS reminds you that our back to school special on all loans is still on.
If you have done all your back to school shopping, however, and in your effort to taken care of the children, you paid only part of a bill, or other bills are piling up, talk to PFS to see how a Bill Payment Loan can assist you.
Visit our website for more information and to apply today!!!
Remember, whatever the need is, PFS can offer financial assistance.
PFS: “Your partner in finance.”

Hey Parents!!! Are you watching back to

Hey Parents!!!

Are you watching back to school getting closer with all the things left to do and wondering just how you will get everything done in time?
If you don’t have a chedcklist yet, it is not too late to put some things in order, before you #slackencash.

Here is what you have alredy:
You know what your children want and how much it is that you need to buy.
Here is what you need?
Where can you get the most reasonable price?

This is your next step.

Of course, PFS would like to endorse that even before you set out to buy from your list, check with families and friends who may have some of the items or know someone that does.
Bottom line, you can get it much cheaper even if you had to purchase from them.
As long as the items are in working orderand are presentable.

We need to get going parents !!!
Just a couple more days to go!!!

From PFSL: Your partner in Finance.