Welcome to PFS Friday Financial. We are

Welcome to PFS Friday Financial.
We are thankful that we are all here for another week. As we give thanks for the Creator’s love and mercy in our lives; let us proceed with faith and every confidence in the good things of life.
Valuable things in life, as the continued wellbeing of our families, which brings us to what PFS Would like to touch on.

We have beeen hinting at budgeting lately and all it consists of is you making a record of your total income for a period and how you spend it.
A budget also, gives you an idea of how much income you have left after taking care of all your needs, bills and other financial committments.
If you wish to act on any specific goal or plan, for a clear idea of what you have to contribute to this goal, you can confidently consult your budget.

Once, you keep consistent record of your income and expenses, you will have an idea what financial position you are in at any time.
This way you will know what other financial commitment, you can take on, be it loan, investment or new ventures.

From our family to yours.


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