Welcome to the second installment of PFS

Welcome to the second installment of PFS Friday Financial.
Today, we continue with practical tips on how to save whilst school is on holiday.
We will look at children’s eating habits during the summer.
They have a whole lot of time to play on their hands and be at leisure
Many Jamaican parents may say that children tend to eat more at home than when they are at school, because they are not busy at different as they would be with school in session.
Here’s how you can satisfy their hungry in the most cost effective ways.

We hope this helps:

1. Make homemade drinks instead of buying drinks.

Each time children are thirsty, do you hand over a $100 or $50?
What if they do that for at least 3 times for the day or so, you have a general idea of how much you are spending on buying sodas, box drinks etc.
Take half of that money, buy basic ingredients to make a larger pitcher of juice that will serve longer and encourage them so that they drink water in between.

Examples: make pitchers of limeade/lemonade, ginger ale.

2. Buy less single serving snacks and make more homemade food.

When children are hungry, single serving, light snacks that do not offer much in terms of nutrients or satisfying hunger. This practice will only see you spending way more than you have to.
Jamaica’s diversity in food offers different snack options that are nutritious and filling; take advantage of the good recipes.

Examples: grater cake, coconut drops and different types of puddings.

You can mix different natural ingredients to create your unique snack or drink.
Get creative in the kitchen, whilst saving some well needed dollars, that can go towards other ventures, either back to school shopping or for school fees.

A longstanding practice such as this can see you saving $$$ whilst being creative in the kitchen.

From PFS: Your partner in Finance. http://ow.ly/i/bSNiy


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