PFS Friday Financial Celebrates the last

PFS Friday Financial Celebrates the last day of July !!!!
No tips today, but a special treat to our dear customers and friends from the PFS family.

Our very first video!!!!
See the faces and warm personalities our customers meet when they come through our doors; not just for a product but also customer service.

On this celebratory note, PFS would also like to wish you a fun filled, reflective and charitable Emancipation weekend.
We expect to all get together like this next Friday.
Stay tuned for the August edition of PFS Friday Financial.

We remain: Your partner in Finance.


PFS Money Matters Monday would like to w

PFS Money Matters Monday would like to wish all our friends a HAPPY last-Monday-in-July day today.
We wrap up all that we have looked at this month, which was basic saving and a guide to responsible borrowing.
Tell us what you think and if these tips worked for you.
‪#‎wrapitup‬ ‪#‎savings‬ ‪#‎borrowresponsibly‬
Some parents are starting to shop, little-by-little for back to school just a moth away.
It cannot be done soon enough, however, we encourage you getting the best prices based on your budget as well as quality.
If you have not started shopping, however, your shopping list should be ready.
With the list, you can start planning which stores you can get which items, based on the best prices.
However, it is the last Monday and we do not want to give too much away.
Next week, we will explore more.
And you too can tell us what your plan usually is around back-to-school time.
We would love to hear from you !!!!
PFS: Your partner in Finance.

Welcome to PFS Friday Financial. We are

Welcome to PFS Friday Financial.
We are thankful that we are all here for another week. As we give thanks for the Creator’s love and mercy in our lives; let us proceed with faith and every confidence in the good things of life.
Valuable things in life, as the continued wellbeing of our families, which brings us to what PFS Would like to touch on.

We have beeen hinting at budgeting lately and all it consists of is you making a record of your total income for a period and how you spend it.
A budget also, gives you an idea of how much income you have left after taking care of all your needs, bills and other financial committments.
If you wish to act on any specific goal or plan, for a clear idea of what you have to contribute to this goal, you can confidently consult your budget.

Once, you keep consistent record of your income and expenses, you will have an idea what financial position you are in at any time.
This way you will know what other financial commitment, you can take on, be it loan, investment or new ventures.

From our family to yours.

On PFS Money Matters Monday this week, w

On PFS Money Matters Monday this week, we continue with our tips that encourage you to save, spend wisely and generate additional income where possible.
Today we zoom in on spending wisely and go even further to borrowing wisely.
Firstly, borrowing becomes like spending, as it is included in your monthly expenditure. As long as it boils down to you parting with your cash, it is spending.

People borrow for a different reason each time they have an urgent need that their budget cannot fill, or they may have substituted a need to fill this emergency.
You can now say, that if you borrow to facilitate an emergency, it is prime example of responsible borrowing.
Remember, Debt is never bad, as long as it is done responsibly or to facilitate a goal.
PFS’ first borrowing tip is:

Borrowing what you can afford to repay – if you have never budgeted in the past, upon thinking of borrowing, it would be a good time to start. You have to budget for your loan repayments and your budget should reflect this.
In essence, you have to see for yourself that what you are intending to put aside to pay the loan is actually reflected in your disposable income.
In the same breath, if you find that you can afford a certain payment plan, do not be tempted to borrow more than you actually intended to. It is a loan, not a grant. You will have to repay it.
You are encouraged, not to substitute your monthly needs (food, school, travelling etc.) to make space on your budget for a loan.
Your loan payment should not be a burden on your cash flow, but a partner with evidence that borrowing the money had indeed helped you.

From PFS: Your partner in Finance.

Welcome to the second installment of PFS

Welcome to the second installment of PFS Friday Financial.
Today, we continue with practical tips on how to save whilst school is on holiday.
We will look at children’s eating habits during the summer.
They have a whole lot of time to play on their hands and be at leisure
Many Jamaican parents may say that children tend to eat more at home than when they are at school, because they are not busy at different as they would be with school in session.
Here’s how you can satisfy their hungry in the most cost effective ways.

We hope this helps:

1. Make homemade drinks instead of buying drinks.

Each time children are thirsty, do you hand over a $100 or $50?
What if they do that for at least 3 times for the day or so, you have a general idea of how much you are spending on buying sodas, box drinks etc.
Take half of that money, buy basic ingredients to make a larger pitcher of juice that will serve longer and encourage them so that they drink water in between.

Examples: make pitchers of limeade/lemonade, ginger ale.

2. Buy less single serving snacks and make more homemade food.

When children are hungry, single serving, light snacks that do not offer much in terms of nutrients or satisfying hunger. This practice will only see you spending way more than you have to.
Jamaica’s diversity in food offers different snack options that are nutritious and filling; take advantage of the good recipes.

Examples: grater cake, coconut drops and different types of puddings.

You can mix different natural ingredients to create your unique snack or drink.
Get creative in the kitchen, whilst saving some well needed dollars, that can go towards other ventures, either back to school shopping or for school fees.

A longstanding practice such as this can see you saving $$$ whilst being creative in the kitchen.

From PFS: Your partner in Finance.

Welcome to Proactive Financial Services

Welcome to Proactive Financial Services Limited: Money Matters Mondays. On our corner, we delve into the precious, scarce and fragile commodity of money.
How to save what you earn and if need be, how to acquire when run low on cash.
#Savings #Loans
Where we promote responsible spending so you can save more, creative ways to earn extra cash and responsible borrowing so as to reap the best benefits from your financial services provider. #thebenefitsofborrowingfromPFSL.
Stay tuned for all that plus updates on products and services and general commentaries.

Which brings us to our first matter to kick off Money Matters Mondays with what’s hot in the island and something we need money for:
Hot Weather amidst Water Restrictions.

The heat is hugging everyone, covering us in it’s warmth; on the other side of us is a water restriction. And whilst we encourage friends to do all in their power to stay cool, we have to consider #themoney!!!
How can you possibly save whilst keeping cool in this blistering heat?
During the heat, you are encouraged to stay hydrated (amidst a water crisis in some areas). More hydration means more bathroom breaks and more use of water !!

How much longer can we continue like this?
And individually, what can we all do to ensure that we stay cool and moderate our use of water?

1. Although encouraged to drink a lot of water, moderate by taking sips at a time, and avoid drinking a lot of coffee, tea and alcohol.
2. Eat appropriately. Did you know that consuming large amounts of food makes it take longer to digest and increase body heat? Couple that body heat with this
weather, and you have your very own oven.
Eat smaller portions of food at time, and still allow the body to get the nutrients that it needs.
During this time, you are encouraged to consume more fruits and vegetable than even say meats etc.
3. It is encouraged that you take cooling showers and frequent face-splashes of water. Considering the water restriction, however, and the temptation to do just that – stay directly out of the sun and in your enclosed environs, try and locate the coolest spots.
4. Dress appropriately for the heat- whilst you dress modestly, consider clothing not made of polyester and flannel and stay away from dark coloured clothing
as much as possible.
5. Avoid over exertion – you know what your body can handle, during these temperatures, is not the best time to push yourself. If work, fr instance, requires
you staying outdoors, for example, take frequent breaks and those frequent sips of fluids.

We hope that these tips have been helpful.
Let us know !!!!

“PFSL: Your partner in Finance”

PFS Friday Financial : Corner for Financial Tips

Welcome to Proactive Financial Services Limited Friday Financial: where we share tips on financial matters regardless of the sector, worker or employer.

As summer is in high tide, parents on a budget and all others hoping to save may still feel anxious as the expense for keeping children at home is only slightly less than during school, (except the cost to purchase textbooks, extra lessons and the like.)

We need to save whilst we care for our children, especially during thisheat which leads to increased thirsts and appetites.
Feeling overwhelmed?
You are not alone. PFS will now runs weekly tips; encouraging you to save, spend wisely, budget and be none the worst for school re-opening.

Stay tuned.