Entrepreneurs over time remain in the cl

Entrepreneurs over time remain in the clouds when it comes on to their business. They will market and have the best customer line up waiting on their products.

But, some persons have in fact, attested to the great losses they have suffered when “they failed to plan” their business and factor in expectancies especially being a start up.
To rein in customers, your approach may be way too lenient and overtime what you find is satisfied customer base but marginal profit at best.

“There is an old proverb that says ‘failure to plan is to plan for failure.’ What are you building? What is your promise to your possible customers? Planning increases your probability for success and allows you to bring clarity to the business concept and focus on what is it that you want to achieve which brings about confidence in the probable business. “


Persons have actually taken our advice!!

Persons have actually taken our advice!!!

There are rumors in our circles of persons zooming on that one thing they were always good at and deep down love to do…
Also, they have had encouragement from friends and family willing to support.

Lucky them, they have a an audience base. But which audience wants their products the most?

“Analysis of the business concept is not an indicator that it will be a success, as success will depend upon goals and objectives being met and your customer support. You will need to ponder who would make use of your idea and the mass audience size. What does your audience truly want? Are you able to supply that need? Is the market big enough to maintain a fulltime business and gain profit?”

After identifying your passion from whic

After identifying your passion from which you can derive your own source of income; check it against what is out there.
Which brings us to step 2:
“Once you have highlighted your dream job or product you should try to link it to an industry as this will help you to have a point of focus for your industry research. Is the idea already present in the industry and if so can you attain a good portion of the market share? Is it profitable? In the interim try to learn about businesses that provide services and/or products that interest you and evaluate if there are gaps in the market that you could position your business. You should also do networking with business owners to learn more practical steps to entrepreneurship from the experts.”

Step 1 in your journey to being an entre

Step 1 in your journey to being an entrepreneur if that is your calling.

Identify your love
What is it that you get energy and excitement from? You should look at your personality and skill sets and list what you could do for hours without feeling. Your list can include tasks that you do routinely and have mastered.

Proactive Financial Services would like

Proactive Financial Services would like to highlight the spirit of entrepreneurship that is needed to turn the Jamaican economy around.
And for the budding entrepreneurs or the professionals who need a niche to earn extra income.
We call it More Water than Flour:
“‘More water than flour’ is a well-known indigenous phrase to Jamaica which can be interpreted to mean that there is literally more water available than flour. However, on a serious note, in relation to resources it means that there is shortage of some sorts; which could range from basic necessities such as food to pocket money.
In the harsh economic climate present now in the tropical island of Jamaica one has to be clever and crafty to know how to survive on a day to day basis. As such, we have to start brainstorming what is there that you can do that is profitable. What is it that you do very well? Have you been certified in a special skill? According to Ronald Reid, the Business Development Manager at Proactive Financial Services Limited, “we as a society need to start fostering young persons who can naturally develop entrepreneurial skills. They will in the long run help to stabilize the Jamaican economy and increase job opportunities.” He then further explained the need for courses on developing entrepreneurship in secondary schools which varied from personal development to pension plans.
The job that you want may not exist so you may have to find the nearest career or create the work you love. A lot of people love the idea of being their own bosses, however, most are not willing to put in the time, energy and applicable resources needed to start, grow and maintain a business. Andrew Khan, a young entrepreneur and owner of …., explained that to be a successful entrepreneur you must be highly motivated because in sharing your business idea with family and friends you may be ridiculed which could demotivate you.
To become an entrepreneur you have to also think the business concept through before putting actions to decipher whether or not the venture is worth trying. To help to find that possible inner entrepreneur you should consider the following which will deter you from wasting time and money on an idea that will not gain you profit.”


Starting Friday October 17,2014, Proactive Financial Services will be doing a special series to cater our your entrepreneurs out there: whether or not you are employed.

Our own survey was done and amongst the “hustlers’ are some bright and logical ideas. We were impressed with by what they told us; how to make a dollar or a thousand. As such, we will focus on the different aspects of that bright idea you can put to work to see real fruit.

Coming Soon.