How thousands of children have disappeared from council care in the last two years – and one infant still can’t be found.

‘When children and young people in care go missing it should be no different to when any other child disappears from home. This is very alarming.’

It is very alarming that so many children can go missing leaving no clue as to what transpired before or during  their stay under council care.

Irrespective of circumstances that will be supposed, the fact remains these children are still missing. It would not be shocking if their last hours were unaccounted for. Did all of them runaway or they did in fact disappear into thin air.

This information is a year old and still no preventative measures or report of recovery have been given. They have been forgotten to say the least and have become no more than statistics.

V Track Plus UK, however, gives credit to those organization that provide information as to whether or not a child will runaway ( or International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children). A far fetched assumption that so may be the case for these council care students, this information would have been helpful to these caregivers and in trying to profile if a child will runaway would have become more involved; instead of just providing meals and a shelter. For children who may have suffered trauma, that is not nearly enough.

A year has passed and they are still unaccounted for.

Remember, they were someone’s joy at one point.


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