Protect the Teens!

Too many teens are going missing in the United Kingdom, causing a heavy strain on their family’s financial resources. When a child goes missing, families have to invest much in seeking for them. They work alongside law enforcements and organizations that assist in the process but still they do have to make payments in carrying out public search campaigns, putting up search posters, advertisements all over the media. Families often time make appeals for help to the public, offering rewards for information leading to the recovery of their child and travelling all over to publicize the search.

The search for a missing child never ends. Family members have to constantly be on the alert for information leading to the recovery of their children. Not only is this an emotional journey as some may think, but it is also depressing as their funds keep running low in the process. Some families may be wealthy and don’t really think about how much funds they are using in the search for their children but they are some who cannot afford it. What do they do next? Sit and just wait on the child to turn up? Or wait patiently, relying on the authorities who have hundreds, maybe thousands of other person’s cases to deal with at the same time? Not saying that saving up money is better than to spend it on the search for a loved one. However, after all that money is spent and the child has still not returned, what’s next? Some may say HOPE, which is a very strong word, but is everyone patient enough to stick around just hoping when the lives of their children are at stake? Would You?

“Prevention is better than Cure”. Protect our teens NOW before it is too late.


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