Profiting from Solving Problems

“The good news is that creating independent income is a money skill that you can acquire, just like budgeting or investing. Once you are determined to learn the steps required, you can eventually become quite efficient at the process of generating extra money whenever you need to.”

So, many may wonder what problem solving skills they possess that persons will actually pay for……………

Firstly, it does not have to be major, like control Global Warming or solve crime with understanding the mind of criminals. And government or business moguls do not have to be party to it.

It can be something as simple that starts with your family members and those in your community. They can be your first customers. You can keep their children, start a day care or help them with school work in the evenings and holidays.

So, just take a read and let it stimulate your creative juices.

Something will come to you.

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How thousands of children have disappeared from council care in the last two years – and one infant still can’t be found.

‘When children and young people in care go missing it should be no different to when any other child disappears from home. This is very alarming.’

It is very alarming that so many children can go missing leaving no clue as to what transpired before or during  their stay under council care.

Irrespective of circumstances that will be supposed, the fact remains these children are still missing. It would not be shocking if their last hours were unaccounted for. Did all of them runaway or they did in fact disappear into thin air.

This information is a year old and still no preventative measures or report of recovery have been given. They have been forgotten to say the least and have become no more than statistics.

V Track Plus UK, however, gives credit to those organization that provide information as to whether or not a child will runaway ( or International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children). A far fetched assumption that so may be the case for these council care students, this information would have been helpful to these caregivers and in trying to profile if a child will runaway would have become more involved; instead of just providing meals and a shelter. For children who may have suffered trauma, that is not nearly enough.

A year has passed and they are still unaccounted for.

Remember, they were someone’s joy at one point.

Paedophile Arrests Total 660 In Major Sex Crime Crackdown

Two things stood out from this release:

1. Offenders have been revealed to be guardians of these children which can translate into these acts being done for a long time. They have gone as far as to pay to avoid detection.

2.  These children have been violated and in their most helpless and vulnerable state. They have been photographed and videotaped to complete their shame.

Young persons + traumatic events = emotional instability and possibly some other form of Psychotic Disorder.

However, one must pause to say kudos to the joint police forces who are able to witness first hand what happens when divisions work together. Their intelligence gathering must reveal some shocking truths in the months to come.

Prosecuting these paedophiles,which is next in order, must not be viewed as all that is needed to repair these children; neither is cuddling them, feeding them or even locking them down when they start to react violently to the trauma that is taking place inside.

Please leave some resources for the treatment and healing of these children.

They are in fact, the Victims.

Benefits of Using Vehicle Tracking GPS Systems

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has become a very advanced technology. The main idea behind using this system is to find the location of a person, vehicle or item to which it is attached. Most people think about vehicle tracking GPS systems as just a technology or device that helps find a stolen vehicle.

However, its uses have expanded greatly as this device can and is now used to help to efficiently manage a business or an organization. It not only protects the drivers and passengers but also allows the vehicle owners to keep track of their vehicle’s position. Some systems can immediately alert the owner or monitoring department about any deviation from the fixed route.

There are many benefits of using vehicle tracking GPS system:

  • Finding the position of a stolen vehicle
  • Receiving alert message if the vehicle deviates from its route
  • Keeping clients informed about the position of their goods
  • Company knows exact position of goods, vehicles, drivers and passengers
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Driver can easily find the nearest emergency center or service station
  • Efficient management of fuel and time


Because of these benefits and more, businesses are using vehicle tracking GPS systems in their vehicles. These tracking devices are easy to manage and can be integrated easily with existing software of the company.It is especially useful to transporters and large businesses that operate lots of vehicles. It is also a known fact that insurance companies offer lower premiums for auto insurance if the vehicle has tracking GPS system.

V-Track Plus Vehicle Tracking Systems

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Are missing ‘Irish’ children buried in Graves?

The 20th century saw the St. Mary’s Mother and Baby  home, for so many, undergo a period of uncertainty when it came to the lives of the many that were lost. Mostly children, from various causes and complaints.

Years later, it still puzzles the minds of the natives of the community. One historian who lived in the village, came back home to shed some light on the mass deaths of children, some younger than one year old.

“……But Corless now believes she knows where the children may be buried”  says the news report.


When will closure be brought to this village? A mystery to everyone what happened.


The opening to the home for mothers and babies in 1925 to 1961. Hundreds of babies died over this period.
The opening to the home for mothers and babies in 1925 to 1961. Hundreds of babies died over this period.