Coleyville Promo Walks!

Representatives from the Coleyville Group of Companies set out on a walk to New Kingston last Friday. This walk was done in an effort to promote the services of Proactive Financial services and PFS security Ltd. Flyers containing information pertaining to both services were handed out to different persons and they were encouraged to visit the office to receive additional information. Many passersby were intrigued and interested as they enquired about the location of the company and asked questions about the products they were being introduced to. The representatives were keen in answering the questions and the responses were well received by the public. Persons were particularly interested in hearing about the loans as they commented on their  financial struggles. Smiles could be seen on the faces of interested persons as they indulged in the short business conversation. Many promised that they would show their interest by contacting the company and visiting the office. The Coleyville group will be on the road again this Friday doing their weekly promotions.


Visit us at 141/2 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 5, and call us at 754-8232






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