In the United Kingdom a child is reported missing every 3 minutes. The reasons why children go missing are varied. Some children or young people will ‘decide’ to leave home or run away. Others are many times abducted by strangers.

When a child goes missing it is an unfortunate event that exposes him or her to serious harm. For the children who are abducted they are at risk of being trafficked. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) did a study from 2009-2010 which revealed that there was an estimated 360,000 missing person incidents in the UK during that time. Of that number, 64% were related to a child under the age of18.

When a child goes missing their family members and loved ones are left with the emotional burden of wondering about their whereabouts and safety. Protect your children today by arming them with tracking devices from V-Track Plus. These devices come in the form of watches. V-Track Plus uses the latest state-of-the-art GPS and GSM tracking technology in real time.

V-Track Plus is the preferred choice for tracking systems for pets, vehicles, and children. Let us give you peace of mind, night and day.


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