Proactive Hair and Beauty (Daily Advice)

  • Do not co-wash hair using shampoo. Use conditioner instead. Shampoos are only meant to clean hair. It does not condition hair. It does not curl hair. It does not straighten hair. It does not soften hair. It does not shine hair. It only cleans the hair; meaning it’s role is meant to remove dirt and oil build up from scalp so that hair follicles can grow healthy, that is it. The excessive use of shampoo can actually cause hair to dry, harden and frizz up which leads to breakage and shedding. Conditoners work best because it hydrates hair and moisturizes. It also gives hair more definition and volume. Don’t use protein-based conditioners to co-wash, as they can lead to breakage. Stay away from conditioners labeled deep conditioner, deep hydration, or intensive mask. These types of conditioners tend to contain a higher proportion of ingredients that stick to the surface of hair causing build-up. Light based conditioners are best. Make sure hair is saturated with water before applying conditioner.
  • Do not punch needle through the wefts or pierce the wefts during installation; this leads to increase in shedding and lessens the quality of the hair.
  • If you are getting a sewn-in weave, please make sure that your stylist sew in the wefts by looping and tying the weave thread under and over the weft in blanket stitch.

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