Proactive Financial Services

By: Chantal Smith

June 12, 2014


Proactive Financial Services Ltd takes advertising into schools. Immaculate Conception High School hosted a general Parents and Teachers Meeting yesterday, where the company made a presentation introducing them to its services. The school has the number one academic performance in CXC/CSEC passes in the country this year and so Proactive Financial Services seized the opportunity to speak with the parents about their children’s future, acknowledging that goals cannot be realistically achieved without finances.

The very engaging and informative presentation was done by Mr. Ronald Reid, Business Development Manager at Proactive Financial Services. In his presentation, Mr. Reid pointed out that before he got to the school, it came across that parents of prominent schools such as Immaculate Conception High might not need small loans that the company offer. However, he drove home the fact that after showing up at the school, the faces of the parents looked like normal faces that might be in need of cash to send their children back to school, seeing that back to school expenses are sometimes burdensome on salaries because of  other expenses such as mortgages, insurance, taxes, household expenses, etc.

He gave the audience the company’s address and contact details which was very convenient to the parents. Mr. Reid had undoubtedly reached his audience especially when he told them the maximum amount the company lends, the type of loans offered such as personal loans (which may be extended to back to school expenses, insurance, bill payments and medical expenses) and business loans as well as the interest rates for whichever loan package they might be interested in.

The parents and teachers at Immaculate Conception High were very receptive and understood the terms of borrowing the loans as explained by Mr. Reid. Even though, the parents marveled at the interest rates, the presenter explained how it works and that Proactive Financial Services cares about family and believes in building partnerships so their loans are hassle free because of the trust they extend to their clients.

Questions about the requirements to acquire a loan from Proactive Financial Services were thrown to the presenter. The requests for more advertisement from the company to assure legitimacy and ascertain further knowledge of the company were highlighted. They were given business cards and reassured that the business is legitimate but will consider investing in more advertising.



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