Get Secured Today!

PFS Alarms and Tracking
Promotional walks for PFS Alarms and Tracking are done in the Half Way Tree and Cross Roads region in Kingston every Friday. During the walks representatives of the company distribute flyers to patrons and answer questions and queries about the products and services offered.
We value our customers so our charges are designed to fit any budget; with three attractive packages. To enter a tracking contract with the company you only need an upfront fee of $4,400+GCT with the added bonus of Free Installation and Monthly Monitoring of $1,800 for 36 months.
Optional also, is to purchase the tracker at a cost of only $15, 500+GCT plus installation of $4,000 +GCT and your smart devices are programmed to do the monitoring for you.
You can also, add to this second option, monitoring for $1,800 +GCT; at which point no installation fee is charged.

Visit the office to see a sample today: 14 ½ Half Way Tree Road.
Or Call 906-5236 to get in touch with a security advisor.


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